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Welcome to Unitech Global

Unitech Global Mission

Unitech Global mission is to provide technology, professional expertise and exceptional support services to companies, enabling them to effectively deploy, manage and optimize complex business solutions. Our services are sectioned to cover all facets of a modern technology backboned business and are focused towards maximizing operational efficiency while minimizing costs and overheads.

1-Online School Management system
2-Human Resources Operations Management
3-Communication & Collaboration
4-Business Consultancy
5-Security Management
6-Information Management
7-Web sites Development


Unitech Global offers e-commerce solutions

We, at Unitech Global, offer you a variety of e-commerce solutions that will help you to harness the power of the Internet and provide you with a platform to interact directly with your customers. We conduct a thorough analysis of your needs to come up with a solution that is a perfect match for your requirements and business objectives. Our solutions will help you in increasing efficiencies and at the same time will help you in building and strengthening customer relationships.


IT Services- Outsourcing

Our strategic outsourcing solutions are tailored from a set of core IT management capabilities and flexible financial models designed to meet your current IT business and solution requirements. At Unitech Global, we deliver offshore software development at an economical price. Our transparency of operations and emphasis on communications ensure that every penny spent on a software development project is put to optimum use.

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